Tattoo Seminars and Lectures.

Tattoo Seminars and Lectures; Prices and Services:

I have long wanted to use my career and expertise as a sociologist with expertise in tattoos, to help society better understand the world of tattoos. Why people get them, what people get out of having them, what the tattoo culture is all about.

So if you want to know more about tattoos, perhaps have your previous ideas and opinions challenged a bit, or if you just want to learn more. You can hire me to come and hold a seminar or lecture.

The idea is, that I will tailor my lecture to the context, meaning that if it is at a highschool or college, it might be one way and if it is at an office or other workplace etc. it will be another way.

However, the main point of my lectures and seminars, is to challenge preconcieved notions about tattoos and the people that wear them. The idea is to promote acceptance and to enlighten people, about the true nature of tattoos and the people that wear them.

So I will not be available for hire, if you want to scare the young people you teach or want to tell off an employee. But if you want to learn more to improve your workplace’s view of the tattooed employee or to prepare the young people you teach, so that they don’t go out and make a mistake with their first tattoo(s), or if you are just interested in learning more about the sociological aspects of tattoos, then you have found the right guy.

I have some general packages people can hire me for, but these are not set in stone and I am more than open, for talking about other tattoo related topics to talk about/teach about, as well as tweeking these packages so they suit your workplace/institution better.

Lectures and Seminar packages:

Seminars: The seminars can be held in combination with a lecture but also on their own. Basically seminars are much more hands on, where the participants will be involved in exercises and assignments, to help them learn.
Of course there will be guidance and speaking from me as well, but the point here, is that people learn through experiencing stuff and challenging themselves and their own preconceptions, more directly.

Lectures: Lectures is all about learning, through absorbing the knowledge presented to the audience, through the lecturer. This means that here it will just be me speaking.
I will be explaining in detail, the tattoo related topic chosen for the lecture, be it tattoos in the workplace, stigmatization and tattoos, tattoo culture etc.
Thus there will be minimal audience participation, but people are of course welcome to ask questions, question time will be taken into account, after the presentation/speaking part of the lecture, is over.

Combination deals: Deals regarding combining lectures and seminars, can be discussed when contacting be and hiring me for my services, there won’t be any regular deals as of yet. But deals can be negotiated individually.

Theme Examples: Here I want to list a few examples, of possible themes of lectures and seminars, as well as possible places/contexts I would find ideal.

High-schools and colleges; Think Before You Ink + The Culture of Tattoos: 
A mix of an advisory lecture, teaching young teens from 16 and up, as well as young adults, on high schools and colleges, about what it really means to be tattooed, what the culture is like and teaching them what they need to keep in mind, before getting a tattoo.

Companies and other workplaces; Tattoo Culture and Acceptance:
With these theme, I want to teach people in various forms of workplaces, what it really means for an employee to have tattoos. What people with tattoos are really like and why they do it, what their culture it like. Of course I will tailor this to a given workplace that hires me, so that it fits to the exact context.

Tattoo Conventions and Other Cultural Events; Tattoo History and Culture: 
In this theme, which fits best with the lecture form, I would love to teach people more about what the current tattoo culture is actually like, as well as how it compares to the times that came before ours. I hope to open people’s eyes further, to how things are today.

Remember, these are just examples, other topics and themes can easily be discussed and prepared, as long as they are tattoo related.

All prices will be negotiated with the buyer and in context of what has been ordered/planned.

Thank you for your time, if you want to read reviews from previous clients, go to the reviews page.