Tattoo Consultation/Guidance

Throughout my career so far, I have developed quite the expertise regarding tattoos.
I know about the subjective nature, when it comes to designs, both in styles and meanings etc.

But I also know about how to spot a good tattoo artist from a bad one, how to recognize when a deal is too good to be true. I know about how the hygiene should be, how to make sure your tattoo experience is as safe as possible.

Apart from this I am also, because of my academic experience and knowledge when it comes to tattoos, culture and history both. Better equipped than most at helping out, with researching tattoo history and culture for people, finding out the lore behind a certain image or the history of a tattoo culture you are fascinated by and want to base your tattoo on.

Your tattoo, whether it is the next one and especially if it is your first one, is an important decision you make for life. I want to help you ensure, you will never regret that decision.
I am going to help you create a tattoo, that can become an important and colorful addition, to your body and identity.

Thus I would like to offer up my services, for modest fees. This means that should you wish, you can hire me to research various things for you and guide you, regarding tattoos, where to get them and more:

Image meaning and history; if you have found an image that fascinates you, but you are unsure about what it actually means, I will do my best to research and clear that up for you. As well as researching the history behind it, if you want to go that far. 70 EUR.

(Tattoo) Culture of Style, Country etc.; I will research the culture of a specific style or country, whose tattoos might fascinate you, so that you are certain you don’t get the wrong tattoo done. researching one topic 70 EUR, Multiple Topics (up to 3) 100 EUR.

Assistance with researching suitable tattoo artist in your area; I will help out the best I can, with finding the perfect tattoo artist for you, that does the style you love, within an area that you are willing to travel to. 70 EUR.

To buy any of these services, please contact me through my contact option on this website, you can also ask me about additional services, if you are wondering if I can research or guide you, about something that is not listed above.

Also, it will be preferable if people when enlisting my services, tell me what they already know, so that I can work from there and avoid (if possible), just retracing your own steps by accident. If there is not further knowledge, there is nothing I can do, but I will do all I can to make certain. But there are no refunds if this occurs, as I still use my time, to research it thoroughly, in order to be certain.

But there are also no extra expenses, if the research time, takes a little longer than originally estimated, only if it ends up taking a lot longer than planned, we can discuss whether you want to purchase further services.

I hope you will all enjoy my services and inform your friends about them, all the best from Mads / Tattoo-Logia.

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