Tatttoos and Stigma; Who Needs to Make the Next Move?

In this article, I once again would like to talk about tattoos, tattoo culture and stigma. However, despite how this is also a message to my fellow tattoo lovers and collectors out there, non tattooed people may learn something as well. I also hope that any readers may see, that what I propose here, can… Continue reading Tatttoos and Stigma; Who Needs to Make the Next Move?

Tattoo Regret; The Disconnect

Tattoo Regret; When You Lose the Connection to Your Ink: Tattoo regret is at the same time quite a lot simpler and still a fair bit more complicated, than most people would think. At least what I have found through my own research on the topic (these last 8-9 years) within sociology (social sciences in… Continue reading Tattoo Regret; The Disconnect

Tattoos; A Piece of History In Your Skin

Tattoos; It's Okay For Them To Age: This post is in part inspired by a post on Instagram by @Yallzee, an awesome tattoo collector and lover, as well as by some of my own experiences and ideas. First to explain the post by Yallzee and what inspired me in it: In the post Yallzee shows… Continue reading Tattoos; A Piece of History In Your Skin

Laws and Stigmas

Institutionalizing Stigmas, Old and New: For many, both in and outside of the tattoo community, it is pretty clear that to make the industry safe for everyone, some legislation is probably needed. In many countries around the world, like certain parts of the US, Canada, Sweden and others, positive steps are indeed being implemented, to… Continue reading Laws and Stigmas

The Importance of Sociology…

... In Regards to Tattoo Research and Culture; The Many Perspectives: Through my career so far, as a sociologist with an expertise in tattoos, I have experienced a certain reaction. Basically, it is people, both within and outside the tattoo community, questioning the importance of sociology, in regards to tattoos (as well as embodied identity… Continue reading The Importance of Sociology…