Tatttoos and Stigma; Who Needs to Make the Next Move?

In this article, I once again would like to talk about tattoos, tattoo culture and stigma. However, despite how this is also a message to my fellow tattoo lovers and collectors out there, non tattooed people may learn something as well. I also hope that any readers may see, that what I propose here, can… Continue reading Tatttoos and Stigma; Who Needs to Make the Next Move?

The Brighton Tattoo Convention 2019

A Convention Like Love Letter to the Tattoo Community: This year I finally got to attend an event that I have been longing to attend, ever since I studied in England back in the early 10's. I got to attend the awesome Brighton Tattoo Convention 2019. It was the 12th time this annual tattoo event… Continue reading The Brighton Tattoo Convention 2019

Tattoo Regret; The Disconnect

Tattoo Regret; When You Lose the Connection to Your Ink: Tattoo regret is at the same time quite a lot simpler and still a fair bit more complicated, than most people would think. At least what I have found through my own research on the topic (these last 8-9 years) within sociology (social sciences in… Continue reading Tattoo Regret; The Disconnect