Tattoos; Inherently Anti Capitalist:

Already when reading the headline above, many within and outside the tattooed community, may be confused perhaps even outraged. Especially among the US tattoo lovers, people reading this may be very outraged, but settle down, you may learn something quite interesting. Capitalism Loves Uniformity and Streamlining:  A fundamental and very easily observable fact about capitalism… Continue reading Tattoos; Inherently Anti Capitalist:

A Future Ambition for the Tattoo Community:

First and foremost, hello everyone, I know it has been a while. Life has been hectic and I have been working hard. In this post, I would like to talk about an ambition I have for the tattoo community, as an academic and a tattoo lover. It's a way I feel the tattoo community could… Continue reading A Future Ambition for the Tattoo Community:

Tattoos; A Piece of History In Your Skin

Tattoos; It's Okay For Them To Age: This post is in part inspired by a post on Instagram by @Yallzee, an awesome tattoo collector and lover, as well as by some of my own experiences and ideas. First to explain the post by Yallzee and what inspired me in it: In the post Yallzee shows… Continue reading Tattoos; A Piece of History In Your Skin