Services for hire

In the subsections to this page, you can take a look at the different services I may be hired for. All of these are based in my knowledge as a sociologis, my research as a sociologist (self-identity, embodiment theory, culture, body culture, tattoos, tattoo culture etc.) and range from lectures to guidance (either personal or business).

I mainly focus on providing lectures, seminars and personal guidance, in regards to embodied identity, culture, and tattoos (culture, effect on the self, what to do and what not to do etc.).

As a new service I will start providing on an experimental basis for those interested, I will be providing guidance for tattoo businesses (Tattoo studios, Conventions, publications and the like), in regards to how to navigate the culture better, both the internal culture within the tattoo community, as well as the external “mainstream society” culture, in order to improve their businesses.