Services For Hire

Welcome to my Services hub page. I mainly provide 2 kinds of services, though other kinds can be discussed such a research projects, tattoo convention guesting and much more.
But the 2 main services is what I call Consulting and Guidance, where I try to help individuals to the best of my abilities, with my know how and expertise as a (tattoo) sociologist. To avoid any possible tattoo regret and to make their tattoo experience as awesome as possible.

The second of the 2 main services, is Seminars and Lectures. Here I am available for hire for any institutions and events, where you would like to learn more about tattoos and their culture. Perhaps as an entertainment option at a convention or conference. Or perhaps because you want to learn more at your place or work and improve your work environment, in regards to tattooed employees. There are plenty more options.

You can read more about either service on their respective tabs, under this section.