My seminars are not specifically aimed at any given group, but meant to be tailored to fit the given social context of the group, or to fit with what is being taught in (as an example) a highschool course.
An example from a previous job, was where I tailored a 2 hour seminar, to fit with a cultural studies class, using tattoos as a case study of embodied culture.

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The seminars are a more intimate way, for me to teach people about embodied identity, where I engage the audience more directly.

Tattoos, Stigma and Prejudice:

This focuses on tattoos, the stigma they and prejudice people wearing them face today, as well as the benefits of wearing tattoos that one has planned out well. But it will not just be a surface look at tattoo stigma etc., instead the focus will be on deconstructing these.

It is a perfect seminar both for enlightening people to the world of tattoos and the mental and social benefits some people draw from them. As well as a perfect seminar for classes on cultural encounters, sub-cultures, social-constructionism and many more.

People participating in this seminar, will gain a vast understanding of individuals with tattoos, tattoos as a social and cultural phenomena, as well as how they can be seen as a case study, of how we all to some extent strive for diversity deep down.

Diversity and Self-Identity:

This seminar focuses on the relationship between individual (embodied) identity, cultural and societal pressures, and how they interact. It focuses on deconstructing the social norms and values, surrounding our bodies in our late-modern society.

All in all, this seminar wants to do away with the “that’s just the way things are” mentality, through challenging both the norms and values of society, as well as of the participants in the seminar.

By challenging participants own ideas about who they are, both individually, and within their cultural- and societal-context, will open their eyes to the ultimate benefit of diversity. Hopefully it will teach participants, from a sociological instead of a spiritual perspective, to live and let live.

Embodied Identity and Work-life:

In this seminar, I focus more on work environment in regards to one’s own embodied identity. I will get into both official and so called “unofficial” uniforms, and how they each have a specific impact and function, in regards to work environment and culture.

Apart from this I will get into the potential benefits, of allowing for employees, to take their own embodied identity with them to work. As well as getting into the way a workplace culture that is more welcoming of diversity, can also be of great benefit in regards to employees feeling at home and welcome at work.

This seminar will both benefit employers as well as their empoyees, as employees might thrive more at work, and thriving employees are logically more productive.

Tailored Seminars:

The 3 seminar examples above, are by no means to be rigidly followed as such. Of course I will not change my main message, regarding the positive effect of diversity. But the material can be tailored to fit with a given context; it could be a certain job environment, for example if a company works with at risk youths, it could be if a teacher wishes to incorporate what I teach within their course (as seen in the sidebar).

I aim to make my seminars malleable enough, that they can be integrated into the relevant context, so that my message might resonate better with the audience and be of more value.