Reviews of My Services

Hi Mads Thank you so much for all your suggestions! It really helped me figure out which place I should have my next tattoo done Kind regards, Anne

Anne Paludan Mogensen

I already had a couple of tattoos when i first met Mads. I was in doubt of what my next tattoo should be and what my general style of tattoos was to be. Mads has enlightened me about the many different styles and types of tattoo-artist there is out there and has definitely helped me… Continue reading Simon Dalhøj

Simon Dalhøj

Mads has several years of experience regarding tattoos, he has guided me a couple of times over the last few years, about various places you could go to get a tattoo in Copenhagen and I have absolutely not regretted taking his guidance, since I now after a couple of years have ended up with some… Continue reading Lauge Emil Jeppesen

Lauge Emil Jeppesen

Thanks to Mads, I now feel much more certain and confident about which tattoo i’m getting and why. His knowledge of this subject is impressive to say the least.

Julian Weiss Flensburg

Mads is exceedingly knowledgeable about tattoos. -“What is there to know?” You may think to yourself. -“Isn’t it just paint on skin?” You might find yourself asking; as I once did. Little did I know that once opened, the Cornucopia of knowledge, would flood the gates of imagination, as rich and detailed stories of the… Continue reading Jun Junge

Jun Junge

Tattoo Logia helped me define and develop my tattoo idea. I had spent a long time thinking over motives, but I had never arrived at anything satisfactory on my own. I have a great love for Finland, Finnish music and everything else Finnish, including the band Nightwish, so I had to combine it all into… Continue reading Mads Pristed

Mads Pristed

Mads Wedel Kristensen leverede et spændende, indholdsrigt og relevant oplæg for gymnasiets elever. Det var tydeligt at mærke, at eleverne var interesserede i Mads’ viden indenfor området {tatoveringer}, og på baggrund af Mads’ indsigt, blev klogere på dem selv i forhold til tatoverings-kulturen i Danmark. Mads’ oplæg kan varmt anbefales til andre gymnasier og skoler med… Continue reading Zahles Gymnasium

Zahles Gymnasium