Reclaim the Body – Podcast

Reclaim the Body, that is the message, the purpose and the inspiration I hope this podcast will bring to people. We have become too disconnected from our bodies. And both within society and science, we seem to forget the importance of our bodies in regards identity.

As an embodiment sociologist, I investigate/research, dissect and reevaluate, what meaning the body caries in our modern society. My sociological knowledge will put an angle on the topics of this podcast, you may not have considered before.

Hopefully I, along with my awesome guests, will manage to challenge some of all the prejudice, still lingering out there today.

Welcome to Reclaim the body

Welcome, in this first ever episode of my podcast, I give a brief explanantion of what this podcast is about. 

I also get into, the methods I will be using to create my content, as well as why I might be interesting to  listen  to, on the different topics this podcast will focus on.

If you stick around till the end, I also give a short teaser, to what you might be able to expect, from the first handful of episodes. 

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