My Sociology

On this page, I would like to introduce people to my current pieces of research that I am working on, as well as the works I have already published. 

Current Ongoing Sociological Projects:

Title withheld (I think it is a clever one, so I am weary to release it).
I am mainly working on my own book project in my spare time. Regarding tattoos and modern society. With a focus on both explaining what tattoos indeed are (sociologically speaking) and how they fit into our modern society, as well as what the tattoo culture is like today.

No idea when it will be published or finished.

Already Published Work:

Mads Wedel Kristensen (2015). Tattooist-Customer Relationships in a Diversified Environment of Professional Tattooists and ’Scratchers’. In J. Serup, N. Kluger and W. Bäumler (Eds.); Tattooed Skin and Health, pp. 45-48. Switzerland: Karger.

In this publication I talk about how the dynamic between tattoo artists and their clients, has changed in contemporary society. As well as discussing what this change brings with it and has meant, for the tattoo industry, tattoo artists and the clients. 

This publication, or rather the book it was a part of, also won the 2016  BMA award, ‘Highly Commended’ in internal medicine.