Guidance for Embodied Identity

Helping you to embody yourself, rather than others:

It is a chaotic world we live in, where the body seems to be the last thing we have, that is intrinsically ours. However, society tries to even take our bodies away from us, through cultural norms and values, political policies, fashion trends and more.

Because of this, one can become very distraught and feel unsure about who they are and what they want to embody. Others feel uneasy or like they can’t figure out who they are, as they wear the latest fashion or follow the latest diet etc.

I want to help people to become more aware, of who they are and how they can better embody themselves. Because as we see within (embodiment-)sociology, when you feel more like yourself and embody your own identity, rather than an identity others want you to embody, you feel happier, more confident and gain higher self-worth.

I am still working on this last service, so please do contact me if interested and we will work something out, and I can tell you more about what I do.

Best regards Mads (Tattoo Logia)