For Tattoo Businesses

All my work regarding tattoo businessses, will be at a level of functioning as a consultant. Utilising my own experiences having worked and been around the industry and community for well over a decade. As well as my expertise as a sociologist specialising in tattoos (everything from culture, to social and identity functions and more).

I will be using said expertise and knowledge, in order to help businesses improve so that they may better thrive in an ever changing and expanding world of tattoos (and body-art), where more and more people every year, take a new interest in the tattoo society, culture and art-form.

For Studios: If you feel your studio is lacking something, the customers aren’t pouring through the door the way you dreamed, or people that do come in don’t seem to be enjoying their experience the way you hoped they would?

Then you might improve severely trough hiring me as a consultant. With my sociological know how regarding tattoos, culture, identity and stigma etc. I will guide your studio a new direction, where you can get the clientele you dream of, through your doors.

The help can involve anything, from guidance and help with designing your studios identity, analysing what clientele base you currently have and figuring out how to get the clientele you dream off through the door. Figuring out what your studio and your artists need to do, to get that client base booming, whether it is focusing on a specific style to fit local clientele, creating a specific identity for the studio and artists to attract new exciting clients, I will do all within my power to help you improve your business.

For Conventions and Other Tattoo Events: Similar to what I do for studios, this is about image, identity and culture. Through qualitative sociological work, I will help you make sure you perfect your event in all of the aforementioned areas, so that your event may become a great success.

It is all about knowing your audience, from the local audience to international guests you may hope to attract. In order to do this, you will want to have a clear identity, as well as a firm grasp on what your potential guests will be expecting of your event culturally. For example, if you are hoping to attract a younger tattoo crowd who might be into more self-realisation with their tattoos and social awareness, hiring a stripper may not be the best thing for your entertainment. Again, it’s all about knowing the culture of your audience, and matching your events identity to it.

Through cultural analysis and consulting you on how to use this data to improve your event, we will together make sure your event goes beyond what everyone might expect.
Taking it from just another tattoo convention or showcase etc. to the next thing people talk about.

Alternatively; I can also be hired to come and speak at your tattoo event, enlightening your audience, artists and staff, on the contemporary culture of tattoos, from a sociological perspective. As well as giving you guys my opinion, on where tattooing will go as a cultural and social phenomenon, in the future.

For Tattoo Publications: In the modern world of tattooing, even some of the older publications are waking up to the fact, that readers/the audience, have become much more interested in knowing about the culture, history and (for a lack of better word) psycho-social intricacies of tattooing. Just writing about cool artists, awesome models and great tattoo events won’t cut it anymore.

What the audience also wants, is news on the latest research regarding tattoos, articles on historical findings about tattoos, essays on cultural trends and traditions within tattooing. Now finding tattoo nerds isn’t the biggest challenge out there, and they may write decent articles on all of the above topics. However, should you want that extra scientific edge and want to be 100% certain your tattoo knowledge on these areas are up to scratch. You can hire me as a consultant or perhaps even as your editor, and we will take your publication to the next level.

Should you be interested through any of these options please do contact me through this website.