Through one to one counselling, I want to help people get clearer grasp on their own embodied identity, in the words of Paul Sweetman (sociologist), I want to help them find an anchor for their identity. In regards to tattoo counselling, I aim more directly, at helping prevent tattoo regret, by assuring the right forethought goes into planning the tattoo.

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My counselling services are meant to help people, through my sociological knowledge, get a better grasp of their own identity

Embodied Identity:

I want more than anything, to help people be themselves. I want to assist my clients, in figuring out what they want to embody about their own identity. Rather than just buying into fashion, norms, values or any other societal pressure to conform.

There is much more confidence, self-esteem and a higher sense of self-worth, to be found in embodying one’s own unique identity. However, it is understandable with the liquidity and fasat pace of modern soceity, that many feel lost and struggle to figure this out. That is why I want to provide this assistece.

Tattoo Guidance:

Though I cannot promise 100% that anyone will not regret a tattoo, I can promise with great certainty that I can help you be as certain as humanly possible, that you will not suffer tattoo regret.

I assist you thoughout the whole process, with my experience from both researching tattoos as a social phenomena, and my my experience having worked for a few tattoo publications. From choosing a unique design fit for you, researching the history of a design you like or tattoo style you are interested in, guiding you on how to deal with stigma in your given culture and even finding a perfect artist for you.