All The Odd Bits

On this page, I would like to introduce you, to all the other stuff I get up to. This is everything from conferences I have gone to, what they were about. To conventions I have worked on and non sociological publications of mine. 


ECTP 2019 / European Conference for Tattoo and Pigment research.

I presented my own personal research on tattoos and how people suffering from psoriasis use them. It is a biannual conference focused on researching tattoos within various different sciences, while also inviting the tattoo industry itself, to attend, learn and give their input on what goes on.


Talking Bodies; 2017.

This is a biannual conference focused on the body within science.
I attended it as a speaker. My subject was of course tattoos. In this particular lecture I focused on tattoos and identity, both social and individual. As well as how tattoos affect our identity/identities.

Non Academic Publications:

I was the headwriter at, so there you can find many, many articles regarding tattoos and the world of body-art written by me. As well as reviews of awesome tattoo-artists and conventions, from all over the world, and other awesome people and events.

Z Tattoo Vol. 30-34, with several articles, akin to the same type I write for