About Me

On page I would like to give people, an insight into who I am, as well as what drives me, motivates me, inspires me and what my passions are and so on.

Mads Wedel Kristensen – Tattoo Sociologist:

The Short Version; 

Age: July 1990. rettet profil.jpg
Nationality: Danish.
Location: Copenhagen.
Education: Cand. Scient. Soc. (Masters of Science in Sociology from the University of Copenhagen). 
(Main)Sociological fields of interest: Embodiment, culture, identity, embodied identity, sub-culture studies, marginalization, stigma and tattoos (and body-art).
Academic Affiliation: Currently Freelance.
Hobbies & Interests: Writing, poetry, gaming, comic books, anime & manga, working out, board-games, tattoo history, tattoos, equality, socializing, sociology, sub-cultures, movies, social media, sci-fi & fantasy, using my imagination, tattoo magazines, altruism, conventions (of various kinds). 
Dreams and Ambitions: Being a tattoo personality on social media (like @Yallzee and @Travellingmicktattoo), becoming renowned in the tattoo community, world wide, for what I can bring to it with my sociological know how. As well as hopefully changing people’s opinions for the better, regarding tattoos and the people wearing them.
Current employment: Self employed researcher and lecturer.
Instagram: @tattoo_logia

The Long Version:

To start with the simple things, my name is Mads.
I was born in Denmark (where I still live) in July back in 1990. I currently live in the Danish capital Copenhagen.46151517_528473570950556_3577274721785348096_n

Despite my looks, I do also wear nice button up shirts when I want to (as you can see in the picture from my graduation years ago, above), I am a sociologist (Cand. Scient. Soc).
I specialize in the body in regards to both identity and culture, but I especially love researching and specializing in tattoos (and body-art).

I got into researching tattoos during my Bachelors degree at the University of Portsmouth in Southern England. In my first year, I ran into the field of embodiment sociology/sociology regarding the body. I knew I wanted to do something with it for my dissertation and my sociological career going forward. I just couldn’t figure out what to research, there was so much to choose from.

But a teacher of mine, gave me a piece of advice I never looked back from “Choose something you are already passionate about, so you can make it your drive”.
This is when I started researching tattoos and that has been my main specialty ever since.

I have always loved tattoos, ever since I was 3 according to my mother, so it was a match made in heaven, researching one of my favorite things in the world, in my favorite subject. I dare even say, I am so far the only sociologist in the world, specializing in tattoos, which guides a lot of the research and work I do currently in my life.

Nerdy, Geeky, Passionate and Kind:

I would love for you guys to know more about who I am, besides my sociology as well. I have always believed in being myself, which also influences my sociology, so what you see is what you get with me, I am quite the honest person in that regard.

But when it comes to my interests, all but a few, are very nerdy/geeky. In my spare time I love to spend my time playing video games or reading comic books, I love diving into worlds created through imagination like that. Especially I love anything sci-fi and fantasy, with DC Comics and Star Wars being my biggest loves. I even have tattoos commemorated to Star Wars.

Other than that, I have always had a philosophical and poetic streak. I sadly don’t have much time for writing long fantasy novels anymore, which used to be my hobby, but I might get back into it again. But I still often find myself creating poems, often heavily inspired by my ideals as well as my sociological theories, perhaps I might upload some of them to this website one day.

Other than that, I love working out, not only do I love researching the body but I also love taking care of my own one. I am far from a fanatic, but I do love working out and I feel it gives me a feeling of calm, when I have worked my body hard in the gym.
I try my best, to always keep my creativity, body and mind all sharp, as well as to stimulate them all.

Sociologist With A Clear Dream:

I feel that a lot of people always tell others, to not dream too big, but I can’t help myself. The overarching dream goal, with all that I do, from my fantasy writing, to my academic research on tattoos and my counselling of people, is all about the same overarching goal.

I hope to one day, help people to realize that we should all allow each other to look the way we want to. To me, which shines through in my sociological approach focusing on embodied identity. The body and our physical identity, is incredibly important to our identity as a whole and how we feel, even how we feel we fit into the world.

I will go into more detail about my theories on this in other parts of this website. But basically, if people are allowed to have their own embodied identity, they feel more at peace with themselves, they feel more confident and often, they also feel a lot less animosity towards the rest of the world.

So as I see it, I want the world to live and let live. If someone likes tattoos, let them have tattoos, if someone loves to be plastic fantastic, let them do that and if someone wants to cover their whole body with a giant hoodie, let them do that. Let people be themselves.

I hope you will enjoy what I do and get up to, stay awesome people!