Celebrities and Tattoos

The Duality of Celebreties and Tattoos:

This article, is going to be all about celebrities and their tattoos, as well as the cultural significance of celebrity tattoos, for better or worse. I will recognize that more so than anything else, celebrities and their tattoo habits, has had a positive effect on how the world views people with tattoos.

They are definitely a part of how tattoos have become more and more accepted. But in this article I shall play devils advocate to a slight extent. This is inspired by worrying trends I feel are being provoked by some celebrities. Not that it is the fault of these celebrities, they can’t control what their fans do.

What Fame Gets Away With Others are Scrutinized For:

Now it is well known, which I assume I do not need to explain, that celebs are getting more and more ink done, just like the rest of us. However, that doesn’t worry me in the slightest. It is more the trends they start, that can become a problem and contribute to a lot of tattoo regret. Once again they are not at fault for starting these trends.

Now, fashion ink is one thing and I have discussed that before and will probably do it a lot more in the future. But what worries me more, is when people copy the boldness of some young celebrities. Especially many young rappers (I do love hip hop music myself), get face tattoo at a very early age, sometimes without having barely any tattoos already.

Now I have nothing against face and hand tattoos etc. I have in fact defended them countless times. But for most people, it should indeed not be something you start out with. The celebrities can get away with this, because of their celebrity status. It gives them some immunity from society’s scrutiny against such “extreme” body art.

But for many of you youngsters out their, that I hope will be reading this. This will not be the case. To reiterate, I am not against anyone going that far with their tattoos. But securing a career and making sure you can make a living, in spite of your body-art, because of the stigma which is still alive. Securing a career is paramount to how your life will be after such tattoos. Celebs get away with it, but you do not share their immunity, you have to work much harder when you have tattoos, in this askew world, to prove you are capable and worth it.

Pushing Boundaries:

Now, going back to a bit more of the same old song I and indeed others have been singing, celebrities have had quite the positive effect too. They have pushed so many cultural and societal boundaries with their tattoos and their views on body-art.
From actors like Jason Momoa and The Rock, To models and entertainers like Ruby Rose and Yelawolf, the list goes on.

These people show the world, that people with tattoos can still have success. Despite not subscribing to what has become the societal norm, in the late modern world. It is awesome to see a world where the highest paid actor has tattoos, and you see tattoos in all forms of entertainment. Even politicians (at least in Scandinavia) are more open about having tattoos.

All these celebrities help in taking down the old stigmas surrounding tattoos. So all in all the effect celebrities have on this matter, is mainly a positive one.

Final Comment; Have to Think About Your Career:

I guess what I want people to realize when they see celebrities with tattoos, is that they still need to think about their own situation. The stigma is sadly still alive, despite people like me working hard to remove it (and many others). Thus you need to think of your own situation, picture what effect face, neck and hand tattoos will have in your own context.

It might be fine where you live, and that is awesome. But it might not, or your particular dream career path might be full of people who frown upon it. So keep your own situation and context in mind and please as always; think before you ink.

Thank you for your time and please stay awesome (I can always be contacted for references or reading recommendations).

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