Realizing Certain Things:

Realizing; I May Never Become a Professor:

I recently found out after many years focusing on my academics more than anything, even while working in the tattoo community. That my PhD dream may (probably wont) never happen. It is mainly because of bureaucratic rules, certainly not a lack of sociological theories to work on.

Of course this realization hit me very hard. There is of course a chance someday, that through other merits I may proof myself illegible for a PhD. But who knows if I will even want one anymore at that time?

I was never like most other academics anyways. I was never the type to read philosophy for fun in my spare time, the type to dive into every book I could find or anything like that. I was always more practical.

It is not like I am disassociating myself from my academics. I am so happy with my 2 degrees and the skills they have given me. But I am realizing I am going to change my focus a bit.

Realizing; I am Still Smart and Have Great Ideas:

I also spent my time after grieving briefly. Thinking about how I still have a great deal of knowledge as a result of my academics. I still am an incredible expert on tattoos, their culture, use and everything about them, and I still plan to use all this knowledge I have.
I still want to help people through my consultations and I still want to change the worlds opinions on tattooed people, as much as I possibly can.

I am just not going to be doing it as a professor or as a full on academic. But I will do my best with the expert knowledge I have and coming up with other projects to focus my energy on.

I also still plan to continue the research I am already a part of, as well as writing on a book I am working on, regarding tattooing in modern society. You don’t need to be a professor to do those things, I think my masters degree is sufficient haha.

Realizing; It is Time To Focus on Other Projects:

The last thing I realized, was the fact that I need to focus on other projects (as mentioned above). I need to show myself and the world, that I can do awesome and great things. I need to prove to myself and the world, that sociology and academic theory is not all I can do.

But that I can use my knowledge and experience to work on so much more. I want to create awesome events and other projects, people can enjoy. Trust me, I have so many plans and projects both for myself and others, that I have thought of through the years.
Projects that I will now try my hardest to realize, any way possible.


So I hope I still have the support of everyone who believes in me, this was a very personal post, I hope you bear with me.

Stay awesome people, all the best from Mads/Tattoo Logia.

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