Tattoos; A Piece of History In Your Skin

Tattoos; It’s Okay For Them To Age:

This post is in part inspired by a post on Instagram by @Yallzee, an awesome tattoo collector and lover, as well as by some of my own experiences and ideas.
First to explain the post by Yallzee and what inspired me in it:


In the post Yallzee shows off a over 50 years old tattoo, on an older gentleman he met on his travels. It is an old panther that looks worse for wear, but it is Yallzee’s interaction with the man (which he tells the story off), that inspires me.

The older guy tells Yallzee that he has been thinking about getting the old tattoo touched up and fixed up, so that it looks nicer and newer. Yallzee however, tells him not to do so, and it is his reasoning that inspired this post.
“That there is a piece of history in your skin, not many people can brag about having such an old piece of culture and history on their body” (I am paraphrasing, but that is the gist).

With techonology as it is today in the tattoo world, tattoos probably won’t age as bad as the ones people got done in the 60’s and 70’s, even the 80’s. But Yallzee’s point still holds up. A tattoo, no matter how it ages, is also a relic of it’s time. It becomes an indicator of what tattooing looked like at the time you got it done.

Especially tattoos from the era of the 60’s up into the 80’s, where individuality wasn’t as big a part of tattooing, as it is today. Showcase so much about the tattoo style and culture back then, even in just a tiny little panther, on an old man’s arm.

So I can’t help but say the following, that was truly wise of Yallzee, and I hope he reinvigorated the old man’s confidence in his panther tattoo. I for one, hope that he kept that old relic and piece of history, just as it was.

Of course, I want to also say (perhaps as a form of disclaimer). I am not at all against touch ups. But usually touch ups are for when something goes wrong with a tattoo, or if there are some small details you still need done on a piece. In the case of the old guy, nothing was wrong with his tattoo, time had just taken its toll. That is what happens, and will happen to everything, including tattoos. So I really get Yallzee’s point of view, and I think that it is cool that we can walk around with pieces of culture and history in our skin.

I hope you enjoyed this cool little article, please do go follow @Yallzee he is awesome and if you love tattoos and the culture (as well as community) surrounding them, you won’t be bored with his Instagram.

Stay awesome people.

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