Tattoo Etiquette; All About Respect

Look But Don’t Touch; It Is With Tattoos as With Most Things:

For a lot of people it might go without saying, but if you ask most tattooed people (especially women, sadly no surprise there), people really do not get this.
It is really quite simple, it is all about respect. First of all, respecting that the individual wearing the tattoos, in most cases do it for their on enjoyment, not for the enjoyment of others.

Of course it is awesome when your artwork is admired, same with your tattoos, but still people tend to cross boundaries when it comes to tattoos. There is, believe it or not, a right and a wrong way to admire someone’s tattoos.

I speak for personal experience, as a guy who have had many a shirt ruined on a night out, by people ripping the sleeves or pulling the shirt half of me without my consent, all in order to see my tattoos. I don’t care if it is a guy or a girl (even if during flirting), this is simply not okay.

Before anoyone gets started on the old “well you chose to have tattoos, so you should know this would happen” and similar arguments. I would like to offer a very logical counter argument:

Does that then mean that anyone, that looks different or interesting to anyone, is just up for grabs? Just like it isn’t okay to grope a girl wearing a provocative outfit, or to go up and grab someones hair, just because they have a funky haircut, or take off someones hat because you want to try it. Just like that it is not okay, to go up and just grab people’s arms or whatever, or pull up their shirts etc. just because you want to see their tattoos.

It feels very uncomfortable for the person you are doing it too, and would you like for tattooed people to pull on your clothes in return? no right? so be respectful, it is that easy. Also, most tattooed people don’t mind showing off their artwork, especially not if you ask politely if they will let you see it, hell… some of us will even let you go ahead and touch it, as long as you are (once again) polite and respectful in the way you go about it.

So my rant is over, just remember this people, be respectful towards each other, whether it is piercings, tattoos, cool hair, an awesome outfit or a sexy person (your your preference), consent and respect is key!

Now I hope you enjoyed my little rant, perhaps some of you guys reading this might learn something, or find a use in showing it to your friends, and teaching them something.

No matter what stay awesome people and be respectful.

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