Grabbing Chances!

Grabbing A Chance When It’s Given to You:

This blog post is going to be very personal, it will be all about where I am at in my life, how I feel and what I will do to change it. It is going to be all about chances.

First, I want to talk about a thing that can really tick me off at times. When people I know and care about, I won’t mention anyone or any real life examples, are given a chance and then they pass it up. It can be for valid enough reasons, but often it seems to be the fear of; What if it doesn’t work out? what if I fail? what will I do if the chance takes me away from friends and family?

To each their own. Personally I never get for real angry, as I am neither in a position nor would I do it if I was, to force these individuals to grab these chances. I can only advice them to do so and hope that they do, and be there to smile and congratulate them when they succeed. What ticks me off then, when they pass on such chances, is the fact that I wish someone gave me a hand to grab onto (metaphorically speaking) in that way.

I try my best to work hard and create such chances, I might be poor and much of what I do currently earns me no money, but I try to sow the seeds, that will become the chances that I can grab onto and use to change my life. That is why I get a little annoyed, when I now and then hear that a friend has passed on an amazing chance. But at the same time, it is all about following your own heart and your own gut.

What Would I Do If a Major Chance Presented Itself?

The list of what would withhold me from grabbing a chance, gets exponentially shorter and shorter every year of my life. Currently in my life, there is only one thing I wouldn’t do, and that is sell out my principles and integrity.

However, I would move just about anywhere in the world in a heartbeat, if I got called up by anyone, telling me that there is the perfect PhD position for me, or an awesome chance to become a face in the tattoo world or that some cool organization would like to use my skills as a sociologist.

I would sell my apartment if I had to, I would loan money if needed I would do whatever I need to, if I knew it meant for me to get a real chance. As I have in the past and still try to do. Whenever someone asks me to be a part of something, that can even remotely effect my career positively, I do it, money or no money at the moment.
Hopefully it will plant the right seeds and I will have success at some point.
Not success as in being rich, but the success that I can live by doing something I love.
Hopefully even make a difference and mean something to people other than myself.

What Am I Going To Do?

Well… It has kind of already been said. I will keep working on my projects, while doing what I can to stay sane and whole as a person in the meantime. I will keep doing all I can, and grabbing every chance I can, to make my life better.

But I will also try and be better at reminding myself, that I am not worse of than many others, that I do have a life, even if I am not where I want to be in it. But I will remain hungry and I will not become complacent.

I hope you enjoyed reading about me in this post, if you did I thank you and if you wish me well then I am truly grateful.

Stay Awesome People and thank you for your time.

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