My Dream; A Dream of Acceptance

A Dream of Acceptance:

Ever since I first ran across sociology, in high-school, I have had a dream of using it, to create more acceptance in the world. I have never understood why we mistreat each other, just because we are different from one another.

Ever since I was a child, I have always thought, that the more different we are, the more we can benefit from each other in society. So when I began studying sociology, it was a match made in heaven and everything I did was in order to come closer to my goal. It still is.

It might be a tall order and I know it is nigh on impossible. But I can’t help but dream of a world where we can accept each other, and let one another be ourselves, instead of forcing each other to be the same.

Though it may never happen, I could never live with myself, if I did not work and strive towards doing what I can, to achieve such a world.

Why Tattoos Then?

The reason I have then chosen to focus mainly on researching and becoming an expert, in regards to tattoos (and the like), is because it is my case. What many already know, especially if you are into science, is that a case is something that forms the basis, for what is your main goal (at least in this context and crudely put).

To put it another way, tattoos are the best example in my mind, of a way people are trying to be themselves, yet they are heavily stigmatized for doing so. I feel that if I can make the world accept tattoos, it wouldn’t be much further to go, to make the world accept people’s embodied identities, whether it be tattoos, goth looks, skater style or being a bimbo…

I thank you if you took your time, to read this my first blog post on my personal website.

I hope you will keep coming back for more and find what I do interesting, stay awesome and have a great time!


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