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I am here to provide an insight into my research, my thoughts and opinions on matters, regarding embodied identity, culture and self-realization. But more than anything, my expertise lies in tattoos; I hope to help the world accept tattoos, to help people think before they ink and to, through everything I do, help people accept difference as a good thing.

Tattoo Logia helped me define and develop my tattoo idea. I had spent a long time thinking over motives, but I had never arrived at anything satisfactory on my own. I have a great love for Finland, Finnish music and everything else Finnish, including the band Nightwish, so I had to combine it all into an Idea/motive. It became a map of Finland (an outline) with a conch within it. I am very satisfied and now I just look forward to having it permanently inked on my arm.

Mads Pristed

Mads is exceedingly knowledgeable about tattoos.
-“What is there to know?” You may think to yourself.
-“Isn’t it just paint on skin?” You might find yourself asking; as I once did.

Little did I know that once opened, the Cornucopia of knowledge, would flood the gates of imagination, as rich and detailed stories of the serial and parallel development of the art of tattooing, the historical, political, religious and philosophical ramifications on humanity, interspersed with personal observations, in-depth research and much more in colorful 😉 details. (pun intended)

Mr Kristensen is knowledgeable, skilled and imparts his knowledge in a manner that peaks the interest whilst educating.

10/10 – Would be educated by again. (Be forewarned though; soon after the lecture on tattoos, I found myself with my own permanent artwork.)

Jun Junge