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I am here to provide an insight into my research, my thoughts and opinions on matters, regarding embodied identity, culture and self-realization. But more than anything, my expertise lies in tattoos; I hope to help the world accept tattoos, to help people think before they ink and to, through everything I do, help people accept difference as a good thing.

Mads Wedel Kristensen leverede et spændende, indholdsrigt og relevant oplæg for gymnasiets elever. Det var tydeligt at mærke, at eleverne var interesserede i Mads’ viden indenfor området {tatoveringer}, og på baggrund af Mads’ indsigt, blev klogere på dem selv i forhold til tatoverings-kulturen i Danmark. Mads’ oplæg kan varmt anbefales til andre gymnasier og skoler med elever i samme aldersgruppe.

Zahles Gymnasium

Tattoo Logia helped me define and develop my tattoo idea. I had spent a long time thinking over motives, but I had never arrived at anything satisfactory on my own. I have a great love for Finland, Finnish music and everything else Finnish, including the band Nightwish, so I had to combine it all into an Idea/motive. It became a map of Finland (an outline) with a conch within it. I am very satisfied and now I just look forward to having it permanently inked on my arm.

Mads Pristed